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March 4, 2021

KRPM Achieves Highest John Deere Supplier Award

Mar 9, 2021, 08:59 AM by Jake Gray, Plant Manager, Kirby Risk Precision Machining

Partner Level Supplier status with John Deere is a big deal, ultimately leading to expanded business opportunities. An award with such merit is expectedly challenging to obtain. To achieve this status requires ultimate performance in Quality, On-Time Delivery, Technical Support, Supply Chain Management and Cost Management. For suppliers in the machining segment, whose world is composed of extremely tight tolerances, Partner Level is considered an elite honor. 

Kirby Risk Precision Machining (KRPM) took this challenge head-on despite all the obstacles the world was presented with in 2020. Out of 38,928 machined parts supplied to John Deere in Fiscal Year 2020, only three had a quality defect and only one order was missed. For Technical Support, which is essentially Engineering, KRPM scored 99/100. For Supply Chain Management, primarily scored based on proactive communication, KRPM scored 100/100. In KRPM’s official year-end Supplier Review meeting, 22 of 22 personalized comments from John Deere Buyers added all positive remarks to all areas of the business.  

Partner Level was a definitive moment for the team at KRPM and something everyone is very proud of. The award exemplifies so many positive attributes that can only be achieved if everyone at KRPM is respectful to each other and to all phases of the business. We look forward to increased business opportunities and maintaining high performance. Most importantly, we look forward to achieving this together.