Intelligent Industry Solutions (IIS), a Kirby Risk Company, offers data and software solutions that help businesses optimize and enhance efficiency.

Our expert team excels at bridging the IT/OT divide by offering comprehensive software, hardware, and services that drive progress. Significant efficiencies can be achived through collaborative efforts that gather and utilize plant floor data to meet your business challenges.

We address persistent issues like reducing scrap, optimizing asset usage, improving output quality, and helping your employees keep up with demand. However, without the necessary data to justify investments, these problems may remain unresolved. This is where our modern software tools come in, enabling us to capture and analyze curcial data effectively.

Our Solutions

Kirby Risk's expanded partnership with Rockwell Automation through the Information Solutions Value-Added Reseller Program (IS VAR Program) gives the IIS team access to a comprehensive suite of innovative, high-quality software in addition to expert enablement and support. By incorporating specific Rockwell Automation software into our existing lineup, the IIS team can cater to broader customer needs and offer a more comprehensive and competitive ecosystem.

The Rockwell Automation portfolio includes:

  • Plex MES
  • Fiix CMMS
  • Emulate3D
  • FactoryTalk Optix
  • FactoryTalk AssetCentre
  • Thin Manager
  • Cybersecurity and Network Assessments
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OT Networking

  • Machine Line and Plant Operational
  • Networking
  • OT Cybersecurity
  • Vulnerability Discovery
  • Network Evaluation
  • OT Network Architecture

Digital Transformation

  • MES Adoption and Expansion
  • OEE Imporvement
  • Asset Performance
  • Quality Management
  • Data Automation
  • Real Time Visibility
  • ERP an dMES Integration
  • Computerize Maintenance
  • Management Software (CMMS)

Data Analytics

  • Capture and Contextualize
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Visualization
  • IIOT Integration
  • Energy Data Collection

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Empowering Your Digital Transformation

Whether you are well down the path to modernizing or just beginning, Kirby Risk's Intelligent Industry Solutions team is here to help. Strategic partnerships with Rockwell Automation and Cisco network solutions include: Tockwell Automation Stratix Industrial Network Products and Cisco Catalyst Switches, Routers and Firewalls.

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