The Kirby Risk Service Center is an ISO/TS 16949:2002 registered operation that manufactures control panels while demonstrating value through: On-safe-source Manufacturing, On-site Engineering Service, OEM Location Service, Flexibility to Serve Customer Needs, and Capabilities.

On-safe-source Manufacturing

Vertical integration is one key ingredient to our efficient operation. The Kirby Risk Service Center customers benefit from our manufacturing capabilities, and our ability to provide quality electrical products through Kirby Risk Electrical Supply, which helps to assure cost competitiveness at the bill of material level. Additionally, our best in class harness manufacturing provides quality harnesses that are installed in our control panels for the best quality form, fit, and function. Cost + Quality + Velocity = Success!

Onsite Engineering Service

The Kirby Risk Service Center offers a collaborative engineering partnership with customers, onsite or at our facility, to provide the latest design-for-manufacture assistance. Our engineering team maintains competencies around PPAP, engineering change, NPI, and all prototype testing scenarios.

OEM Location Service

The Kirby Risk Service Center provides outstanding customer responsiveness. We invest time on the OEM operation floor for training and proper install, for service changes or OEM mishap damage to product, to interpret drawings and give customer feedback, and we add value by providing drawing checks that can capture and remedy errors before the initial build process. Further, to maintain our best in class service performance we aggressively track our on-time delivery and service call response time.

Flexibility to Customer Needs

The Kirby Risk Service Center is committed to meeting customer needs by actively demonstrating our philosophy of "Sacrificial Service". Also, we build to specific serial number requirements, variable configuration control panel structures, fixed panel designs, and we can "flash" software as needed in controllers.


The Kirby Risk Service Center provides a wide range of product capabilities including manufacturing wire harnesses and control panels. Our specialties include: Vertical-integrated production wire harness manufacture to panel install and test, manual landing of wires per customer prints, fully automated tester programming and validation, bus bar manufacturing and installation, panel subassembly and kitting, and custom product packaging and crating.