Reliable solutions from the experienced team you can trust.

From machine start-up to balancing and alignments to analysis, the skilled service technicians at Kirby Risk have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the right solutions. Our team takes an in-depth look at your equipment age, manufacturer recommendations and planned or unplanned shutdowns, to fully understand your machine condition, equipment issues and necessary actions to prolong your equipment life.

Our preventative and predictive maintenance capabilities can minimize your operation downtime and overall costs while increasing machine productivity and performance. We have the reliable solutions to make a difference in your company – learn more about our Field and Onsite services below!

Industrial rotating machine

Dynamic Balancing

Your unbalanced machines could be costing you – minimize downtime and costs with Dynamic Balancing.

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Engineer in hard hat working on industrial control panel

Drive Start-Up

Are you looking for assistance with your Drive Start-Up? The trained technicians at Kirby Risk have you covered

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Man with mask using chemical cleaning solutions

Industrial Cleaning

Effectively sanitizing your machinery requires the powerful cleaning solutions provided by Kirby Risk.

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Infrared gun scanning electrical room

Infrared Thermography

The experts at Kirby Risk have the knowledge and skills to quickly identify the source of your machine problems!

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Inventory Management

Our inventory solutions are perfectly designed to meet your unique project needs efficiently and effectively.

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Laser alignment technology used on industrial machinery

Laser Alignment

Utilize our precise laser alignment technology to accurately correct and record your machine alignment.

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Two engineers wearing hardhats and using laptop to assess industrial machinery

Motor Circuit Analysis

Fully understand your equipment motor health and receive critical feedback with our in-depth analysis.

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Oil Analysis

Our comprehensive evaluation gives you important insight on the fluid properties and conditions of your equipment.

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Vibration Analysis

Ensure your machine has safe and reliable vibration levels with the expertise of our skilled Service Technicians.

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