When working on your next construction project, you need the highest quality tools and high-level access to construction services. Our Commodities center can assist with all your wire needs from cut-to-length colored parallel reels, pre-installed SIMpull Head pulling grips to the patented SIMpull Reel. We can provide a job site trailer that includes maintenance of inventory levels for a specific job. Kirby Risk tools and services can reduce the amount of time, effort and costs of your electrical job by increasing efficiencies and reducing job and labor costs. We offer local branch support through our 38 branch locations and we have an experienced sales team on hand to serve you with consistent and competitive pricing and after-hours service that is available 24/7/365.

Kirby Risk Construction Services

Commodities Center

The Kirby Risk Commodities Center is designed to meet all of your wire and commodity product needs with consistent and reliable service and solutions. Our 60,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped to efficiently fulfill branch orders, and also provides support for your will-call orders and emergency needs. We can deliver large commodity orders, both wire and conduit, directly to your project site and we have the ability to offer you NEXT DAY parallels on all 4.0 and smaller cable.

We exclusively offer Southwire SimPull Reel-N-Reels and Southwire Certified Pull-Heads, which includes Southwire’s written guarantee. Other expanded services include: A-Frames, Aluminum wire and Power Cable. We also offer colored wire, wire cuts, and parallels with no extra fees.


Job Trailers

Improve job site efficiency and reduce material handling and transactional activities of your personnel with a Kirby Risk Job Site Trailer. Our trailers can provide basic onsite storage for your project needs, or we can manage materials for your project (mobile crib) and stock the trailer based on the type and/or phase of your project.

We work with you to create a customized list of materials and determine min/max quantities for each item, and we visit your job site to track and maintain inventory levels. We bar code, label, inventory and restock product, keeping all organized for easy access on your jobsite. Stock is also replenished via app based on your min/max levels. Your inventory is fluid-it changes over time based on the phase of the project, and this helps to minimize downtime on the jobsite, which improves efficiencies. Further, we can lock in pricing generally for the duration of your project, and when your project is complete your overage material can be returned (in resaleable condition). Together we can assure that the right electrical products in the right quantities are stocked in your job site trailer.

Service Vehicles

For your smaller project needs, Kirby Risk can service your vehicle similar to our job site trailers. We will work with you to determine a list of frequently used products (i.e. products used daily for service calls such as ty-raps, electrical boxes, wire nuts, fittings, etc.), and set up your vehicle like a mobile crib. We will provide a product booklet and bar codes to easily order from your vehicle, and we can easily access your order history for your current or previous jobs. You can also use the Kirby Risk Mobile App for ordering which saves time, and when you place an order at the end of the day you will have product boxed and ready for pick up the next morning. Our service vehicles can improve organization and aid in your billing for materials—we provide you documentation of what was replenished at job completion. In addition, your overage material can be returned (in resaleable condition). Less inventory management for you equals labor savings.

Job Site and Project Management

Our dedicated Project Managers and focused Commodity Managers will work with you to enhance job site safety while providing labor-saving products and solutions that reduce overall project costs. We provide electronic tracking and data management to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Department Of Transportation (DOT)

Kirby Risk serves the Department of Transportation (DOT) with quality cable, wire and pipe products that are readily available through our Kirby Risk Commodities Center. Our 60,000 square foot facility stocks your most needed products, such as Southwire IMSA Cable, Cable Duct, HDPE and more, plus offers next day service on wire cuts and parallels for 4.0 and smaller cable. Kirby Risk can deliver products to your local branch or directly to the work site. Product solutions will also meet code standards set by the DOT.