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Since 1926 Kirby Risk has made a promise to our valued customers –Responsive Services & Quality Products. Our Preventative Maintenance Services are an extension of our core philosophy that allows our customers to out-source state of the art services that address the needs to lower downtime, reduce catastrophic failures, and effectively manage their overall Maintenance cost!A worn shaft is being removed in preparation for the installation of a custom-machined replacement

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How Preventative Maintenance Programs Work

Traditional Preventative Maintenance Programs start with an initial audit of your facility to determine requirements and critical items. We will construct a detailed analysis of recommended procedures and plant visits to develop baseline data. By visiting your facility on a set schedule, we will be able to determine if equipment is close to failure by examining vibration and harmonic signatures, thermal infrared images, alignment readings, and other scheduled maintenance procedure documentation. After our scheduled visit, we will prepare and deliver reporting documentation with corrective suggestions.

Benefits of Regular Preventative Service Work

Infrared Inspection programs have proven that on average for every $1 spent on infrared electrical inspections, there is a $4 return on investment for materials and labor from fixing the problems before it fails.” (June 2001) Maintenance Technology Magazine

By understanding critical failures before they occur, you can dramatically reduce downtime and costs associated with being offline. When facilities are shut down the entire operations is affected. Workers stand idle, product shipments go unfulfilled, and customers turn elsewhere

Why you Should Out-source Your PM Program

By contracting an outside independent Preventative Maintenance company, you can be assured that an unbiased, technically accurate report will be written to direct your resources appropriately. Our technicians are cross trained in multiple industrial manufacturing techniques, and bring a wealth of knowledge with them on every service call. By outsourcing, you can free yourself of capital equipment and training expenses that can easily run into the 250,000.00 range. In addition, you will have access to individuals on an emergency basis if needed


Laser Alignment

Shafts being precision laser aligned for increased machine performance and improved component life The Laser Alignment process is the best way to maximize coupling life, reduce harmful resonant vibration, decrease bearing loads, and lower energy costs. Our Laser equipment can calculate the alignment down to a precise 0.0002 inch/10ft. Your machines will run quieter, bearings will last longer, and energy cost will go down, through this precision alignment process.

Infrared Inspections

Infrared inspection is an innovative tool that can analyse anything through thermal signature. It can be used to troubleshoot:

  • Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Control Cabinets
  • Electrical Connections
  • Imbalances in Loads
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Oven Insulation
  • Tank Levels
  • Process Parameters
  • Heat Platens
On-Site Balancing

On site balancing can minimize downtime and improve the operation of rotating equipment without having to remove it. You will extend the life of your bearings, make the equipment run quieter and smoother, reduce the cost of energy, and extend the overall life of the machine. Proper balance of fans, turbines, rolls, and spindles is crucial to process quality and maximum machine life. Our experienced personnel can help you to maximize the life of your machinery, reduce down time and increase the value of your invested machine capital

Mechanical Troubleshooting

Kirby Risk is proud to offer on-site mechanical troubleshooting services as part of our comprehensive maintenance program. Our technicians are available for assistance at any hour to diagnose your problems and administer corrective actions. If you have periodic situations that require addiction experienced manpower. You can contract a service technician and eliminate the need to increase staffing. Call us today for an hourly quotation.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration data being collected prior to analysis and report generationA properly conducted vibration analysis program will lead to better quality control, longer machine life, lower maintenance costs, increased productivity, and reduced catastrophic failure. Reducing vibration caused by unbalanced rotating devices, bad bearings, mechanical looseness, worn gears, misalignment, and electrical problems assists in allowing your equipment to reach it’s intended potential. By creating a historic understanding of your mechanical vibration profiles, we are more able to spot potential failures before the become problematic.

Reporting Tools

Many companies only provide reporting via paper documentation. Kirby Risk is able to provide much of it’s documentation via Adobe .PDF format, a standard electronic format that can be shared via E-mail throughout your plant. You can even attach our documentation to your work orders to visually instruct your maintenance staff to the corrective action. Reporting can be requested vi E-mail, CD-ROM, or in paper form. Many reports are printed in color for your convenience.

Repair Services

Electric motor stator, rewound, tested and ready for varnish treatment and re-assemblyIn addiction to Preventative Maintenance Services, Kirby Risk also offers electric motor, and electronic board repair services designed to complement our Preventative Maintenance teams. By utilizing our 40+ location nightly transfer system, your motor can be transferred hundreds of miles overnight-ready for repair or installment by the next day. Stop by our Lafayette facility for a quick tour.

How the Repair Process Works
  • Motors are electrically tested and no load run tested before disassembly
  • Digital photos are taken prior to and during disassembly and inspection processes
  • Parts are marked during disassembly to insure proper orientation upon reassembly
  • Baker test equipment is used for surge and hi pot testing, data is stored in job file for future reference
  • After disassembly of apparatus a written quotation will be provided with all needed parts and labor costs to repair unit to EASA specifications
  • Windings are cleaned with soap and hot water, No harsh chemicals
  • Windings are dried in a temperature controlled oven.
  • All bearing fits are measured with precision instruments and machined to EASA Standards
  • Rotors 40hp and above are precision dynamically balanced
  • Core testing is performed before and after burn out to insure no loss of core integrity
  • Stator burn out ovens are temperature controlled to preserve iron integrity
  • Class H insulation materials are used on rewinds
  • Internal motor parts are cleaned and inspected prior to reassembly
  • Rebuilt motors are run tested for a minimum of 5 minutes
  • Exterior of apparatus is painted with acrylic enamel, machine grey or customer specified color
  • Online job tacking available upon customer request.
  • Load testing up to 200 hp available upon request
  • Failure analysis available upon customer request
  • PDMA off line and online testing available.
  • ISO 9001 certified

Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning is a non-conductive and non-abrasive method of cleaning machinery using dry ice and air pressure. Dry Ice Cleaning is beneficial because it reduces and or eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals, can be done online with minimal or no disassembly, does not produce secondary waste, reduces start-up time due to conductive process, and saves time and cost compared to manual cleaning