Design and manufacturing of Rotary Phase Converters, Power Factor Correction Capacitors, and Bus Bar assemblies.



ARCO Electric Products consists of Rotary Phase Converters, Power Factor Correction Capacitors, and Bus Bar Assemblies. Our products are sold internationally with quality that has served customers since 1964. The ARCO term Roto-Phase is recognized around the world as the brand for Phase Converters.

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Aerovox Capacitor Cells

ARCO is a National Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Aerovox. Standard reactive compensation capacitors are available from ARCO in AMPO-compact size and MMPO-rugged welded size. Aerovox has been a proven industry solution for resolving Harmonic Distortion in non-linear loads. All Aerovox Power Factor Capacitors are impregnated with a dielectric fluid to give added insulation, excellent corona protection and a moisture barrier.

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Bus Bar Assemblies

ARCO offers cut to length and custom cooper bus bar assemblies for panel applications and many others in service to OEM equipment providers globally. Bus Bars can be ordered as part of a grounding kit including lug holes, standoff insulators, and mounting brackets.

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Rotary Phase Converters

ARCO Phase Converters serve a wide range of applications to support the needs of standard and heavy duty equipment. They include Pivot Irrigation, CNC Machinery, Elevators, Hoists, Cranes, Grain Dryers, Fertilizer Mixers, Dough Mixers, Refrigeration, Air Compressors, Welders, and all Resistive and Multiple Inductive Motor Loads.

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Power Factor Correction Capacitors

ARCO Power Factor Correction Capacitors are utilized in applications requiring heavy initial power loads to start and conserve electric usage in large industrial facilities or rural utility companies. By not managing these potential electrical surges, companies often receive a charge on their billings called a Demand Correction Penalties. ARCO is committed to assisting companies manage these penalties through the use of Power Factor Correction Capacitors.

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