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August 17th , 2023

Kirby Risk Custom Enclosures with The Steinhauer Modification Center

Aug 23, 2023, 08:51 AM by Kirby Risk

The Steinhauer Enclosure Modification Center was installed in 2016 at the Kirby Risk Mechanical Solutions and Service l location in Lafayette, Indiana. The Steinhauer machine is used to automate the process of modifying electrical enclosures. It can perform a variety of tasks including drilling, tapping, milling and etching holes and cutouts in enclosures. The machine can be used to modify enclosures of all sizes and materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and non-metallic enclosures. Kirby Risk uses the Steinhauer Modification Center to improve the efficiency and quality of the modification process, allowing us to shorten lead times for customers.


Using the Steinhauer machine has several benefits over manual modification. Steinhauer machines can reduce human error by automating manual tasks involved in modifying enclosures. For example, a Steinhauer machine can automatically drill holes in the precise location and size on an enclosure, eliminating the need for a human to measure and mark them. The modification process becomes more consistent and accurate in creating clean, burr-free holes and cutouts. The machine also reduces the time and labor required to modify enclosures, all while improving the quality. This allows workers to focus their efforts on other tasks like design and assembly. The Steinhauer machine also increases workplace safety with features such as safety guards and interlocks that prevent workers from being injured.


Typically, the enclosures and back panels that customers purchase are modified for some type of component attachment. Based on the customer’s computer-aided design (CAD) layouts, Kirby Risk makes use of our Steinhauer Modification Center to produce these custom modified enclosures/back panels. Typical enclosure sizes range up to 48” by 48”; larger enclosures are available upon request. Modifications are usually completed within one to two
weeks, but expedited services are also available.