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July 20, 2023

Kirby Risk Generously Supports NAED Next Level Campaign

Jul 20, 2023, 14:02 PM by Kirby Risk

Kirby Risk recently made a generous monetary commitment in support of the Next Level Now campaign, an initiative of The NAED Education & Research Foundation (NERF). According to tED Magazine, the Next Level Now campaign is “an industry-wide effort to develop insights, tools, and services that support the needs of the modern distribution channel. For over 50 years, the Foundation has been a vital outlet for education, training, and research for the electrical industry. This initiative will expand its ability to serve a more advanced and sophisticated channel, as distributors explore 

and develop new capabilities to optimize their businesses and keep pace with customer expectations and needs.” 

Kyle Krizan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and chair for the NAED Education & Research Foundation Board, expressed in a recent interview, “To continue to grow and be relevant, we really need to modernize the way we interact as a channel, and the Next Level Now campaign lays the groundwork for how we can accomplish that more quickly and more efficiently.” 

John Eggleton, President and Chief Operating Officer added, “We are pleased to support the Next Level Now campaign and the overall growth and advancement of the industry. This is an exciting time for our industry with the global focus on digitization and electrification. And NAED certainly has a long history and strong track record of bringing the industry 

together to solve problems while moving the industry forward with center led initiatives.” 

In tED Magazine, NERF acknowledged this contribution, saying Kirby Risk “prides itself on going above and beyond every day to Make It Happen! for its customers. This guiding 

philosophy is evident through the company’s long history of selfless service and leadership with NAED and the Foundation. We are grateful to have Kirby Risk’s involvement in this effort and know their unrelenting passion to better the distribution channel will positively impact what we can achieve.”