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Women’s History Month

Mar 8, 2023, 08:35 AM by Kirby Risk

It’s Women’s History Month! This month honors the contributions women have made to culture, society and history that were often overlooked. Women’s History Month wasn’t always a month. It started as a single day with marches to protest the poor working conditions women faced in garment factories.  

In 1980, this single day was expanded to a week and would be celebrated on the same week of International Women’s Day on March 8th. Seven years later, Congress passed a law to extend the week even further to make March officially Women’s History Month.  

The Kirby Risk Network of Women, or KNOW, has played a major part in supporting, energizing and empowering the women of Kirby Risk. KNOW provides an environment for networking and building relationships while contributing to the success of the company.  

Kirby Risk will be celebrating Women’s History Month by sharing on our social media the history behind the month, important statistics about women in the workforce, highlighting women at Kirby Risk, explaining more about KNOW and the role it plays at Kirby Risk. Look out for #WomensHistoryMonth on our social media to learn more about how we are celebrating the month! 

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