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March 1, 2023

Empowering and Unifying the Women of Kirby Risk

Mar 1, 2023, 14:48 PM by Kirby Risk

KNOW’s mission is to support, energize and empower the women of Kirby Risk Electrical Supply by providing an environment for networking and building relationships. 

Since 2018, the women of Kirby Risk gather once a year for a day of networking, learning and personal growth. Even amid COVID-19, the KNOW committee worked hard to continue the forum virtually.

Committee member Liz Harden says that KNOW provides women a sense of unity and family within the company.  “In an industry that is primarily male-dominated, the KNOW forum provides an opportunity for women to be recognized, and to recognize the accomplishments of women from other departments,” says Harden. 

The 2022 forum focused on the theme “Growth Through Gratitude and Giving.” KNOW partnered with a local nonprofit women’s shelter to collect and donate items for their cause. The event featured a comedic keynote speaker, guest speakers from the women’s shelter and Kirby Risk employees who had recently attended the National Association of Electrical Distributor’s (NAED) Women in Industry Forum. 

Founder of KNOW Stephanie LaOrange says, “The KNOW forum is valuable in that it allows women to feel more comfortable at Kirby Risk. It is important for women to know that they have a space to reach out to others and talk about ways to work though conflict in the workplace.” 

As the growth of women in the industry evolves, KNOW will be there to offer continued support, encouragement and networking opportunities for all women at Kirby Risk.