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September 7, 2021

When budget is tight but demands are high

Sep 7, 2021, 00:03 AM by RAB Lighting

Outdoor lighting is responsible for everything from aesthetics and overall visual appeal to safety and security. Upgrading to LED is a simple and cost-effective way to improve energy consumption, minimize maintenance expenses, and enhance sustainability, but oftentimes what matters most in the decision-making process is a project’s budget. And while RAB has spent decades establishing a reputation as a manufacturer of premium lighting, they’ve also got a large portfolio of ultra-economy outdoor lighting that delivers the same quality you’ve come to expect from all their products. 

The A17 area light is an industry game changer. Available in everything from 70W to 375W, with four IES distributions, 0-10V dimming, and numerous control options, it gives you the right light for the right application, all without breaking the budget. Clocking in with a 100,000-hour LED lifespan, the A17 family is also backed by RAB’s 5-year limited warranty. 

Need even more bang for your buck? The A17 XFU model is a 3-way adjustable area light, giving you 3 color temperatures, 3 lumen outputs and an on/off photocell—all still at an extremely affordable price! All A17 models are available with various control options and accessories to help qualify for additional utility rebates. 

RAB’s X17 FA floodlights were also built with tight budgets in mind while still delivering on the type of performance you expect from a RAB fixture. The X17 FA is available in three sizes, six lumen packages, three mounts and two colors, all with three field-adjustable color temperatures and an integrated on/off photocell for additional energy savings. Its 7H x 6V NEMA distributions make it the optimal floodlight for general-purpose applications.  

The W17 series of ultra-economy wall packs is a marriage of tradition and innovation — unlike anything you are used to seeing on a façade — all priced to make your jaw drop! It is sleek, super-low profile, and has a modern appearance that makes traditional-looking wall packs a thing of the past. Available in three sizes and six lumen packages from 2,900 lm to 15,000 lm, the W17 will cover the footprint of most traditional wall packs and can replace up to 400W MH. 

LED fixtures not only reduce a company's electric bill by up to 50-70% when replacing traditional lighting sources, but they also provide significant savings on relamping and maintenance expenses. With the demand for affordable outdoor LED lighting constantly growing, you can count on RAB’s high-performing, ultra-economy products to have your back.  

Learn more about our A17 area light and the game-changing, 3-way adjustable XFU model…