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August 16, 2021

Introducing the High Lumen, High Temp Appleton IHC LED Luminaire by Emerson

Aug 16, 2021, 00:01 AM by Emerson - Appleton

While metal halide has long been the standard in factory lighting for high ceilings, LED has caught up and passed it by being more efficient, lasting longer, and generating lower heat output. Best of all, LED saves money on utilities and maintenance costs, as well as having an overall longer lifespan.  

A great example of LED innovation is the new Appleton™IHC high-lumen output LED luminaire by Emerson. It supports heavy industrial facilities in their drive for continued productivity, lower costs and better safety. The Appleton IHC is especially ideal for hot areas of a plant, with engineering capable of withstanding maximum ambient temperatures up to 167° F (75° C), like a steel mill, foundry or paper plant. Featuring industry-leading lumen outputs of 50,000, 60,000, 75,000 and 90,000, it can supply up to 250% more output than standard LED fixtures on the market, unlocking operational cost-savings for manufacturing facilities by requiring fewer luminaires, all while consuming 60 percent less energy than the metal halide fixtures they replace.  

In high ambient temperature locations, LED luminaires must be mounted 80 to 100 feet above the floor due to massive production equipment and high heat generating manufacturing processes. At these extreme heights and temperatures, achieving safe light levels over large areas is a challenge. The Appleton IHC combines high lumen output with next-generation LED optics that direct light only where it is needed plus uses advanced thermal management for rapidly dissipating heat to extend its service life to greater than 60,000 hours. Bright, evenly distributed lighting, with enhanced safety and unprecedented reliability, is the end-result.  

Installation of a lighting fixture in an industrial plant represents 8-10% of its overall life-cycle expense, and even more in higher-than-average ceilings. The Appleton IHC minimizes installation cost with multiple mounting options: it can be quickly installed flush as a high-bay fixture, wall mounted for flood lighting, hung on a threaded hook and cord, pipe mounted, or mounted via stainless steel cable depending on the facility's needs. There is also a pre-wired option, complete with 10 feet of cord, so electricians do not have to open the luminaire to access its internal wiring compartment. In addition, its low profile means more fixtures can fit into aerial lifts so that electricians can install several fixtures before returning to the ground to load more units into the lift.  

Manufacturing facilities usually have a lot of dirt, dust, heat, vibration and moisture. The Appleton IHC features an Epoxy Powder Coating, along with stainless steel hardware, for superior corrosion protection. Silicone gaskets seal out water or dust particles from sensitive electronics. Plus, built-in 8KV surge suppression absorbs transient surges that would damage standard fixtures.

Appleton IHC LED luminaires are ideal for retrofitting outdated, inefficient HID fixtures in high temperature applications. Energy consumption savings up to 60 percent can be realized by retrofitting, plus the Appleton IHC will eliminate the need for the frequent relamping, maintenance or replacement that HID fixtures require.  

When it comes to brilliant, safe and energy-efficient LED illumination for your most demanding, high-heat industrial applications, the Appleton IHC LED is the brightest answer on the market, whether in new facilities or when retrofitting old lighting technology.