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June 7, 2021

How to Protect Your Electrical Connections

Jun 7, 2021, 00:01 AM by Kirby Risk Marketing Communications

In harsh industrial environments, electrical products are tested to their limits; constantly being subjected to challenging weather conditions, high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, heavy vibration, dust and moisture. Purchasing quality electrical products that will stand up to their environment is only half of the specification process. Selecting an industry leading manufacturer who understands what it takes to keep your facility running is just as important. 

That’s where Appleton comes in. With their top choice electrical connectors specifically designed to protect your wires from the harsh environment conditions, you won’t have to look for another option. Appleton’s flexible electrical connector protects against liquids, vapors and solids. Appleton™ and O-Z/Gedney™ 4QS Series steel liquidtight fittings by Emerson are the top choice for applications like machine tool building, motor and transformer terminations, robotics assembly, air conditioning equipment installation and Class I, Division 2 wiring. 

The Appleton™ Liquidtight ST™ Series offers an ergonomic design in a vast range of trade sizes, configurations, and male and female versions in steel, malleable iron and aluminum. They are the top choice whenever a secure, safe connection is paramount. 

Purchase the solution to your electrical needs today through Kirby Risk’s online store.