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June 1, 2021

Yeah, we definitely have a light for that!

Jun 1, 2021, 14:25 PM by Katie Gomez | Creative Director

Outdoor lighting is responsible for everything from aesthetics and overall visual appeal to safety and security. Upgrading to LED is a simple and cost-effective way to improve energy consumption, minimize maintenance expenses, and enhance sustainability, but oftentimes what matters most in the decision-making process is a project’s budget. RAB has spent over a decade developing an enormous portfolio of LED wall packs and floodlights, each designed to meet specific needs…most importantly, cost. Everything from economy, contractor-grade fixtures to premium, spec-grade fixtures, to meet the demands of any project.  

RAB floodlights are relied on to illuminate everything from landmarks to loading docks. That’s why we offer a full range of products that provides you with the power of choice to select the price and performance that meet your unique requirements. Our premium, specification-grade lighting includes three families of floodlights designed with precision optics to offer versatility and control. With numerous beam spreads, mounting options and accessories, these floods deliver high-quality performance and great value. 

Our economy and ultra-economy, contractor-grade floodlights deliver quality lighting at an extremely affordable price. From a 13W landscape flood to a 100W wide flood, these families offer budget-friendly solutions for a broad range of applications.  

Our vast line of wall packs does more than hold its own when it comes to versatility. Our premium, spec-grade lights include both traditional-looking fixtures and cutoff designs for when light trespass is a concern. With features like bi-level operation, dimming, industry-leading efficacy, and integrated controls, these wall packs are engineered for maximum performance when project demands are high. 

Our economy and ultra-economy, contractor-grade wall packs were built with tight budgets in mind, but still while delivering on the type of performance you expect from a RAB fixture. Again, the portfolio includes different aesthetics, from traditional look to sleek, contemporary, low-profile design. With various lumen packages available, as well as optional photocells and sensors, when you see what you’re getting, the prices will blow you away.  

LED fixtures not only reduce a company's electric bill by up to 50-70% when replacing traditional lighting sources, but they also provide significant savings on relamping and maintenance expenses. With the demand for outdoor LED lighting continually on the rise, RAB has developed a huge portfolio of products to meet all needs. Whatever it is, we’ve got a light for it.  

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