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May 19, 2021

Why you need the Philips MainsFit LED T8 retrofit lamp

May 19, 2021, 00:02 AM by Kirby Risk Marketing Communications

Earth Day was last month— if you’re still looking for ways to be kind to our earth, we have an idea for you! It’s the Philips MainsFit LED T8 retrofit lamp! 

LED lights are great for the environment. LED creates minimal energy waste, with only five percent of the energy used creating heat waste. This makes for a more efficient lightbulb and savings back in your books. LED lights also have no toxic elements in them and will not contaminate the ground in a landfill when disposed of. And, with LED lights, less is more— these bulbs tend to shine brighter and spread light more than your usual lightbulb.  

In addition to being nice on the environment, these retrofit lamps come with other bonuses too. These include:  

  • Easy installation 

  • Energy savings up to 69% 

  • High efficiency 

  • Innovative technology 

  • A reliable brand name to support the product 

The best part? These T8 LED lamps was designed with education, commercial and light industrial projects in mind. 

Interested in these for your business? Have one of our Lighting Specialist contact you.