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May 10, 2021

Eaton’s B-Line Series Flextray Wire Basket Tray is Ideal for Commercial and Data Center Cable Management

May 10, 2021, 00:03 AM by Eaton B-Line

In today’s competitive market, the contractor, engineer, specifier and owner must balance cost and quality. When it comes to cable management, it is imperative to understand the quality and reliability of the tray. 

For example, wire basket trays can look similar, but they may not always perform the same. Choosing the right wire basket tray is critical to help avoid downtime and rework.  

Eaton’s B-Line series Flextray™ wire basket tray and splices out-perform many other mesh trays – helping provide confidence in the integrity and quality of the cable pathway on your projects. 

In fact, Flextray wire basket tray and splices were tested in accordance with NEMA 1 using the simple beam configuration, which happens to be one of the worst-case scenarios for tray testing. 

Learn more about Flextray splice requirement calculations, load and safety factor to help avoid downtime and rework on your next cable management project. 

Key features and benefits include: 

  • Easily modified for both horizontal and vertical transitions 

  • “T” weld safety-edge protects the cable and the installer during installation 

  • UL classified as an equipment grounding conductor 

  • Available in a variety of finishes to meet environmental and aesthetic requirements 

  • Wide breadth of height and width options for straight sections 

  • Many sizes stocked locally across United States and Canada for quicker delivery  

View to see the full Flextray system.  

Key accessory information 

Flextray poly-liner 

  • The UL certified, flame retardant polypropylene liner is designed to quickly and easily line the bottom and/or the sides of the Flextray wire basket tray. The liner is available in both black and white to provide an aesthetic look in low-voltage cable management for commercial and data center applications. 

Flextray wing splice  

  • The Flextray system includes the two-piece Flextray wing splice for a simple, tool-less installation, helping speed installation. 

Flextray washer splice kit 

  • The Flextray washer splice is staked to the bolt, holding part stationary during installation. 

Flip Clip solution 

The Flextray Flip Clip accommodates ¼” and 3/8” all threaded rod and installs with a screwdriver or pliers.  Plus, it only requires one hex nut to hang and level.  The retainer tabs  

  • Requires only one hex nut to hang and level tray  

  • Retainer tabs can be bent over to lock-in threaded rod and wire basket  

  • Snap retainer stops in place after cable is loaded 

Flextray center trapeze hanger 

Ideal for center-hung or traditional trapeze hanger. 

  • Built-in hold down tabs 

  • Slots and holes for optional hardware attachment  

  • Corrosion resistant pre-galvanized zinc finish  

  • Center hole for up to 1/2" rod 

  • Hole on each end for up to 3/8” rod 

Flextray corner radius 

  • Reduces field fabrication of horizontal fittings by up to 80% 

  • Built in tab features allow for positioning onto side rails; hardware reduction at transition locations 

  • Creates proper cable bend radius for 6" and 12" radius horizontal bend, tee and cross 

  • Maintains proper support for delicate cables 

  • UL classified when used with proper connecting hardware (see catalog for details)