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May 3, 2021

Lithonia High Bays Get an Upgrade

May 3, 2021, 00:05 AM by Hannah Higerd

You asked for a smaller, more efficient high bay option, and Acuity Brands gave it to you in spades, with the Lithonia Lighting® IBG high bay. In March, IBG launched with higher efficacies, maintaining its position in the market as the leader in High Bay performance.  

The size reduction makes IBG more compact, easier to install and less expensive to ship. But that's just the beginning... 

Other Key Upgrades Include:  

  • Improved performance with the latest LED technology,  

  • SEF now delivering up to 180 LPW! HEF upgrade coming soon 

  • New 72,000L Option and 55C Ambient Standard 

  • New/Improved distributions allowing for a 14% improvement in LPW 

  • Embedded nLight® AIR sensors empowering wireless control and connectivity  

  • Rotatable Optics for limitless distribution possibilities  

But what about those challenging industrial applications? Is there a high bay for that? Of course, Lithonia has you covered with their XIB LED High Bay. 

After just about a year on the market, the XIB is getting noticed more than ever by critics and customers alike. The XIB was awarded the Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine's 2020 Product of the Year, Silver Award in the Lighting & Lighting Controls category (read the full press release here).  

Why did it win? The combination of a robust, complete IP65, industrial-grade LED High Bay with premium performance and refined aesthetics and optics, all at an affordable price, puts this fixture in a class of its own when it comes to challenging and medium-duty applications. 

Since XIB’s unique design features make it a versatile solution for so many different applications, we wanted to highlight some of these top applications and demonstrate why XIB is the fixture of choice for these challenging spaces. 

The first featured application is manufacturing.  

Manufacturing applications can pose a multitude of unique challenges for LED lighting; including elevated temperatures, high mounting heights, moisture/ humidity, power spikes and with a complete IP65 sealed design, durable corrosion-resistant paint, and chemically resistant glass lens options, XIB is a capable solution for manufacturing environments and is designed to outperform typical non-sealed linear high bays.  

Other key features include: 

  • Durable Cast AL housing 

  • 10kV ANSI Surge Protection standard 

  • Fixture rated for temps as low as -40C (-40F) and up to 55C (131F), full light output 

  • Diffuse Glass and Visually Comfortable lens options 

  • Integrated sensors and controls that maintain IP ratings 

  • Uplight Options 

Content for this blog was provide by Hannah Higerd of Acuity Brands