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April 12, 2021

The wire connectors that changed the game

Apr 12, 2021, 00:05 AM by Kirby Risk Marketing Communications

Your search for the best wire connector is over. It’s time to check out IDEAL’s ProFLEX Mini Wire Connector.  

Did you know that not all multi-colored wire connectors perform the same? Yes, brands look similar, but once you start splicing wire, the cream rises to the top. IDEAL Electrical is excited to announce the Twister® ProFlex™ Mini. It completes the Twister® Pro Family of first-class wire connectors for every job.  

You may ask what makes the Mini so unique. Well, it’s UL listed up to 4 #12 solid wire; no O/B can do that. Plus, it has a flexible skirt. 

Uniting the Twister ProFlex™ Mini with the Twister® ProFlex™ and Twister® Pro creates the widest wire range of any multi-colored wire connectors in the industry – what a family!

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