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April 5, 2021

Phuzion™ General PHG LED High Bay

Apr 5, 2021, 00:04 AM by Kirby Risk Marketing Communications

With contractors in mind, Holophane created the Phuzion™ General PHG LED High Bay offering new levels of lumen output and temperature tolerance all while delivering unparalleled performance and reliability for basically any industrial application. 


Key Benefits: 


  • Offering lumen packages from 9L – 36L 

  • Ambient temperature of 55C, 50C with 36L 

  • Offering both standard and high efficiency options that can achieve more than 170LPW 

  • Prismpack® Optics - Prismatic borosilicate optic with sealed aluminum cover to minimize dirt accumulation and improve optical efficiency. Use when uplight is not desired or required.  

  • Available with nLight AIR™ Wireless controls to boost energy savings and support building energy code compliance. 

  • Hook or pendant mounting options for any application: Steel hook, Iron hook, Aircraft cable, UPH 

  • Tank driver solution available for applications where power quality may be an issue. 

  • Quick Disconnect mounting option provides a UL listed safety disconnect while also saving installation costs. 


Factory with Holophane branded lighting showcasing the quality of light