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November 23, 2020

Trending Top Tier Manufacturing

Nov 23, 2020, 10:55 AM by Tim Odell | Kirby Risk Automation Specialist

Written by Tim Odell | Automation Specialist


We all face the pressures of doing more with less. Our goals seem to have become almost unreachable. Efficiencies are at levels we never dreamed of 20 years ago and every penny counts. We specialize in helping customers remain competitive while delivering a product that not only hits the price point but also hits the quality mark. 


The plants we see that are delivering world class products at fantastic margins didn’t get there overnight, but they’ve learned in time that there are several keys to not leaving dollars on the plant floor. These plants have captured every loose end using technology to become very efficient and utilize intelligence from the plant floor to perform analytics that assure they are getting the best from every asset. 


Below are the trends that set the top tier apart from their peers.

  • A well-developed workforce with continued education in current technology drives a technical team to always be on top of maintenance related issues as well as helping develop your future.
  • Live, real-time data at the fingertips of leadership in a connected enterprise not only allows informed decisions but also drives reliability and predictability to prevent unplanned events.
  • Understanding installed base and lifecycle of equipment is of utmost importance.
  • Managing assets and assurance of spares is critical.
  • Safe and solid infrastructure to allow the protocols and processes of plant floor communications to be flawless.
  • Data mining is a continuous focus.
  • Standardized platform of assets that talk to leadership.
  • Safety isn’t optional and is implemented at every level from design to final product.
  • Solid asset tracking, management and repair is implemented to drive down asset cost as well as reliability gains.
  • Solid understanding of change management within controls and firmware/software on the floor.
  • Support programs in place for parts management as well as technical assistance
  • Continuous discussions on new technologies and managing migrations.
  • ROI discussions with all processes-programs.
  • Partnering with solid technology partners to utilize consulting and specialized capabilities around technology.
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