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October 19, 2020

Minimize Unscheduled Downtime

Oct 18, 2020, 22:16 PM by Tim O'Dell | Automation Specialist

A down machine can make any of us have a bad day. We all want to enjoy successful and efficient operations that are necessary to deliver a quality, competitive and on-time product.


Kirby Risk has a history of delivering solutions that remove the risk of unscheduled downtime. We understand that not every situation requires a one-size solution and we have a complete portfolio of services that not only identifies areas of concern but also a solution for those areas.


Installed Base Evaluations

A comprehensive understanding of installed product compared to the spares on hand, not only pinpoints insufficient spares but also identifies stock overages and areas that could be reduced. The reports generated from the installed base evaluation also identify product life cycle and help you identify areas that contain end of life or near end of life products. You can have confidence in your lifecycle plans with the data this report offers.


Migration Services

Our engineering team has you covered on migration needs from machine upgrades to complete plant migration contracts that can offer a multi-year agreement that allows pinpoint planning with the cost spread out over a time that fits your budget.


Parts Management Agreements

We can put the spare automation parts you need on your shelf with an in-use warranty that starts when the product is installed. The Parts Management Agreement puts stock where you need it without the large purchase price up front. This program keeps the correct spares on your shelf and allows you to move out those you no longer need. A great program for managing spares as your plant evolves.


Repair and Remanufacturing

Our world class repair facilities can remanufacture your Rockwell assets to the same specs as new. Our proprietary process has quality control levels unmatched in our industry, and we are so certain of that, we add an extra year of warranty.  Third party product? No problem. We repair many manufactures’ automation products, and as with everything, you will receive a product that has a warranty that covers the complete unit. We have multiple programs that drive cost out of your storeroom and improve reliability built around the repair and remanufacturing offer.


Technical Support

We offer technical support agreements that are customize to your facility. From a self-assist level that allows you to manage your software updates, as well as access to our online support services, to a complete support package that gives you access to the highest level of support engineers. Our support agreements can be tailored to your systems and remotely monitored to give you the peace of mind of high-level engineering staff 24x7.


Workforce Training and Development

A well-developed workforce reduces time to repair your machine and improves efficiencies of your preventive maintenance programs. From Craft skills to advanced automation technology, we have the training your technical staff needs to keep your plant running. We have tailored trainings that fit both your need and your budget from an eLearning platform that allows self-paced learning up to a complete workforce development program that brings all your technical staff up to the levels you need. We can bring our training programs onsite or you can come to us.


Engineering Services

Have an Emergency situation? We have a global team of engineers to answer the need for onsite service. Need assistance with upgrades or commissioning of new Rockwell products? We have engineers that would be glad to assist.


Network Services

We want you to have the data you need when you need it. We want your machines to communicate flawlessly, efficiently and securely. Our network service team can health check your network and point out any area of concern before it’s an issue. Need help with a machine level network design? No problem. Our team has the skills to deliver exactly what you need. Worried about Cyber security? Worry no more. Again, our team can assess your install and advise on those areas as well.

Safety Services

Safety issues can certainly bring things to a standstill. Our safety team is ready to identify safety concerns and develop a roadmap to make your equipment safe and compliant. Need to develop a Lockout Tagout program? Our experts are ready to assist.


Kirby Risk has a Services Specialist team that can help you develop the solution that fits your facility. Fill out this form and a member of our team will reach out to you. Or, contact us at: