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July 3, 2020

Southwire’s SIMpull CoilPAK Wire Payoff

Jul 3, 2020, 14:14 PM by Kirby Risk

Looking for an easier way to pull and handle wire? 

The SIMpull ® CoilPAKTM wire payoff helps increase both safety and productivity by reducing the physical effort associated with material handling, pulling wire out of the package and through conduit. 


The innovative package and multi-conductor 

package options can also help reduce the amount of scrap reels so ditch the hassle of broken spools and scrap management. Reduce the physical effort and manpower needed for handling traditional wire pulls


The SIMpull ® CoilPAKTM wire payoff is part of an entire Circuit Management System by Southwire that offers innovative solutions to optimize branch circuit installations. Additionally, the Kirby Risk Commodities Center worked closely with Southwire to add an easy to use and transport wire pulling kit to ensure everything you need to complete a wire pulling job is on-site when you need it. 


Still not convinced. Check out this video comparison: