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June 19, 2020

Energy Audits Offer Return on Investment

Jun 18, 2020, 15:08 PM by John Shergi | Lighting Specialist


Energy audits can be expensive unless you reach out to Kirby Risk Electrical Supply. We conduct free energy audits for businesses, factories, schools, hospitals and much more.

Why get an energy audit?

Imagine you get a report that shows upfront costs, savings in utility, available utility company rebates, and maintenance and material savings, along with the payback time period including positive cash flow thereafter. 

Keep that imagination going and picture yourself receiving a photometric lighting layout that includes the bill of materials, specification sheets and warranties.

Now open your eyes because all of this information is a reality when you get an energy audit from Kirby Risk. You can use the information to decide if the suggested updates are an investment that makes sense for your business.

Wait. Rewind. What is a photometric lighting layout?

A photometric layout shows how many LED light sources are used in each space along with the amount of recommended light that is universally used in  different spaces based on your specific use and requirements.

Businesses often find that the return on the investment is quickly captured just in the reduction of utility costs alone. Adding long life and zero maintenance, LED upgrades create positive cashflow for years to come.

All audits are not created equal. But what does that mean to you?

Kirby Risk invested in world class energy audit software that is recognized and used by industry leading electrical distributors, electrical contractors and energy service companies to improve the efficiency of conducting lighting audits and developing the most accurate and beneficial returns based on your specific solutions.

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